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Read on to see how we helped them build a system that boosted customer confidence and elevated their brand.

About Mizzen + Main

Founded in 2012, Mizzen+Main is a digitally native brand best known for their performance men’s dress shirts that utilize special moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant fabric that requires no ironing or dry cleaning. The brand has also recently expanded into vests, casual shirts and blazers. With a strong online presence and distribution through nearly 300 retail locations, Mizzen+Main has firmly established itself as a category leader in performance menswear.

Backed by LVMH’s investment arm, the brand has done collaborations with professional golfer Phil Mickelson and professional football player J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans.

“All digitally native brands have this challenge where customers can’t try on different sizes and understand the fits before they commit to purchase…This is where Drapr comes into play, trying to help people understand visually what it looks like on you before you purchase.”

Director of eCommerce, Mizzen+Main

Main Goals

Mizzen+Main’s main focus was elevating their online experience for new customers to the brand. With a core demographic of busy guys looking to optimize their lives, they were looking for a way to help first time customers better visualize the different fits of their shirts. Mizzen+Main was also interested in boosting online conversion rates and increasing average order value.

Boost Conversion Rates
Hook New Customers
Create a Memorable Experience

Building a custom solution

Drapr’s development team installed the Drapr Shopify plugin on Mizzen+Main’s store and further styled it to blend in beautifully on all versions of Mizzen+Main’s product detail pages. Zero lines of code had to be written by Mizzen+Main’s development team over the course of the pilot.

Once 3D garment asset creation was complete, Drapr used their technology to drape Mizzen+Main’s clothing on 600+ statistically generated male bodies – created to cover the diversity of Mizzen+Main’s customer base – to produce 16,000+ unique fit representations. One for every unique body type, garment size and pose. These fit representations (“Virtual Try Ons”) were then uploaded to the tool.
Throughout the pilot preparatory period, Mizzen+Main provided feedback and approvals in weekly check-in meetings. All things considered, the total extra load to Mizzen+Main to pilot Virtual Try Ons was a weekly check-in, shipping the size run for digitization and providing tech packs.

A custom analytics instrumentation set up by Drapr on Mizzen+Main’s store to create an A/B test and track performance. 50% of traffic had access to the Drapr, the other 50% did not (control group). In addition to web analytics, Drapr collected 100s of post checkout surveys and conducted dozens of phone interviews with customers who used the tool.

Integration Timeline

Week 1

Shopify plugin installed

Week 2-3

Drapr Virtual Try-Ons customized to match rest of site

Week 4

Final QA and push to production

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Undeniable Results

Interviewed shoppers expressed that the tool boosted their confidence and felt the experience elevated Mizzen+Main’s brand.

The four primary customer groups:

  • New customers who felt confident enough to purchase for the first time after using the tool
  • Returning customers who couldn’t remember what size they owned
  • Returning customers who didn’t like the size they ordered the first time
  • Returning customers whose body shape has meaningfully changed since their previous purchase
Conversion Rate Increase
versus new customers that made it to the same place on the PDP.

Of customer who used Drapr and purchased:

25% weren't going to purchase until they used the tool
Primarily composed of first-time buyers
18% purchased more items than they would have otherwise
They were more confident in what they were buying.
14% purchased fewer unique sizes
They were more certain their choice of size would fit well.

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